The Apocalypse

Date: 6/7/2017

By JeSuisChi

The parts I remember begin with me leaving a bar/arena setting to go looking for a restroom bc I gotta pee. I go into one single stall restroom and become grossed out at its appearance. While I'm trying to avoid walls, floors, and the toilet altogether, in waltzes this African lady and just plops down on the urine-riddled toilet. I'm disgusted enough by her, but then she starts taking a dump right there in front of me and with the audacity to say I could stay if I wanted. Of course I left. The restroom down the hall had way more stalls. It's the one I shoulda entered in the first place. I handled my business and headed back to my small exploration crew. We started to climb this mountain that had just erupted and had blue and green lava running hot down its sides, but for some reason we weren't wearing shoes and discovered that some spots were hotter than others; nonetheless, no one was injured and at this point we must be invincible. We head back down the mountain toward what everyone was calling "the flag pool", and on the way down we hear the screams of people who are being dragged under and eaten by this swimming Komodo dragon. It's like once people got in the water, they got stuck there. None of them were swimming away to escape, just all awaiting their fate. I go back to report to the others what's happening and realize my dad isn't with them. I ask where he is and they tell me he went down to the flag pool. I immediately overreact and fall to my knees crying in devastation. (It was so dramatic that I'm sure real tears and sobs would be seen and heard if someone had been watching me sleep.) Anyway, my dad walks up and asks what's wrong and I feel stupid telling him I thought he was dead. We walk over to the window of the tower (? have we been in a tower all this time? Idk) and look out at even more destruction. In the flag pool are more people along with two different types of dragon-one looks like a giant lionfish eel and is shocking people in the water, the other was like a pink brontosaurus. The pink brontosaurus was being too harmless, so the giant lionfish eel shocked it to death while people and lions now (?) are working together to try defeating this monster. Before I woke up, I remember being in awe that no one was afraid of lions in this situation bc something bigger was threatening the existence of all of humanity. That's all folks.