One Tree Hill, Chocolate Spread Sandwich

Date: 5/8/2017

By emjaynehill

My dream was cut into two: 1. Everyone from One Tree Hill was at home (except Haley, for some reason) when they all found out Nathan had been attacked and was in hospital; it didn't look like he was going to survive it. I went downstairs, put the news on it and it showed the story - One Tree Hill was reality. 2. I was sitting in front of my laptop when a little boy came and sat next to me, turned out he was my partner and we had to work on a project together. At first he was being stubborn and wouldn't work with me but in the end he did we high-fived each other and said, "We make a good team." After that, I rewarded myself with a huge chocolate spread sandwich. I sat there, in my dream, eating it for about ten minutes. And it was a big.