weird soccer game!!!

Date: 2/18/2017

By I_Love_Dogs

I hated soccer for a long time after people would get angry at me for not getting a goal or doing it "right" everyone screams at me if I dint get a goal or don't mean to kick it out or anything like that. I feel, weird, goofy and non normal. Ugh! My dream was like this but with a twist. I was playing soccer in a weird place. Like under a bridge with no water but a court. This game of soccer was different. You could push or shove others aside. So one person was going to get the ball and the rule was you had to kiss them and STOP THEM!!!!!!!! Because there was girls on the other team it was gross kissing them because I'm not a lesbian! Most where boys though. I felt goofy and weird the whole time 😐😕 I felt like a weirdo. No one liked me I was that creep that people hated. I feel goofy and weird in real life. I feel like I'm never gonna get a boyfriend. That's why kissing them was so hard. I ran up to them and had to push against them and kiss them. So I was pushing them away from the ball by kissing them. YUCK! Someone in real life told my friend "oh, she's so pretty she's going to get a popular boyfriend in the future!" It was so nice. I felt so confident after that. People where calling me pretty!! 😦 they also sad I'm going to get a popular boyfriend!!! But in my dream I didn't have that confidence 😞. Like in soccer. It came the time where I HAD TOO kiss a girl. Yuck! I kissed her and then I giggled a weird creepy laugh and everyone just stared at me. After the game people where standing near me. The girl I kissed for some reason her name was Cassy or something anyway I'll just call her Cassy. I think cassy is the name of the girl that told me I was pretty (not in my dream real life!!) but this didn't look like her it looked like someone else. A different Cassy. A girl said "hey Cassy that's the girl that... Kissed you!!" She said "OMG yeah!! So gross! I'm not a lesbian!" I'm not one too. But I didn't say anything. They new I heard it so I just laughed. It made me look even worst. Gegegegege GAGAGAGAHAHAHHA HA BAH HA BAH GAGAGAGGAGA! Was probably what it sounded like 😒😁 it made me more embarrassed!!! 😣😣😣 then I had another dream. I was at the soccer game still. The person that ran the soccer club told me I had to sleep away from the others. She gave me a bag from school. It had everything I needed even water and food. It also had a tent. I read the instructions and set it up. It was blue. I set it up. It was so dark or something and I got scared so I wanted a night light or something. Just like the night I went to sleep I had the hallway light on so that I didn't get scared from all the ghost story's I heard that day! That's why I wanted light in my dream. I got light from a animal that had gold. The go,d shined so bright it was like a light!!!!!! I used it. That's all of my dream