My ex fling's dad dies 😢

Date: 8/21/2019

By pinkstar16121

I just remember being some place that looked like a pool area. I was with who I guess was my old fling's family. I'll call him Joe. We must have been dating in the dream, and I was getting to know his family, and I was hoping they liked me. I remember his mom who wasn't his mom in real life, and I remember either it happened in my dream or it just really felt more like a memory that I was thinking about, being in a bathroom in front of the mirror with I think Joe and his dad who, again, wasn't his dad in real life. He had lighter brown hair when in reality I remember he had darker hair and in the dream he wore a green shirt. Us in front of the bathroom mirror singing was definitely a triggered memory when his mom asked to talk to me for a minute and oddly right before that for some reason I'd been associating or mentally metaphorically depicting his dad as a piece of chicken fat??? Like flesh 😳 but anyway his mom asked to talk to me for a second. She pulled me aside and told me kinda bluntly, although clearly with attempted sympathy, that Joe's dad was dead. I couldn't believe it because apparently we had just been doing what I had remembered just then and that's why I was thinking about it. I was upset and then when I told my mom I pictured a skull and it was just very disturbing. The last thing I remember though, which I think in a creepy, weird way is a sort of life lesson is a man saying to me "We need to appreciate the place we are because we may never get to go there again." It was a creepy way of saying "don't take life for granted." It creeped me out and made me think of death and reincarnation, like when you're reborn you go to another place where you can't go where you were before.