Ulta log cabin

Date: 4/29/2019

By zoeynoel

I went to ulta bc I thought I was supposed to work an 8-3. I got there and for some reason it was a log cabin (like the one in sneads that people rent) and it was in the middle of the woods. It had 3 doors. I tried the first two on the sides of the cabin and they were locked. I looked into a window and I could see my manager and other people doing hair and makeup on what looked like younger girls going to prom. So I knocked on the middle door and an older blonde woman who I could only assume was a mother of one of the prom girls let me in. She was silent and didn’t say anything after I thanked her for letting me in. The inside had many rooms and hallways and although I was let inside it was like I had to enter another part of the cabin to get to everyone else. I followed a couple open doors to a hallway which I found a bathroom. It looked like a shitty school bathroom. It had many stalls and sinks. But no front door. I felt heavy and tired and I could barely keep my eyes open upon entering. I just remember wanting to go home and go to sleep or even just find a random room and sleep in it. When I went into the bathroom I went pee and I washed my hands and tried to wake myself up before going into the final door and going to work. But I looked in the mirror and realized I didn’t have my name tag on. So I go to my car to find it and as soon As I do I close my door and go back inside. I find my way to where everyone is and there are so many people crowded into one small room everyone is getting ready in even though the cabin is a maze of many rooms. I find my manager and she tells me that I don’t work today and seems confused on how I even found the place. She tells me I can go home but that she has a gift for me for working a whole month and to meet her outside in a few minutes. I agreed even though I was still so confused on the whole thing and decided to go back to the weird bathrooms. I got back to the bathroom and this time it was much smaller. Still no front door but only one stall and one sink. Everything out in the open. A beautiful blonde girl was looking into the mirror at her makeup and I had to scoot passed her to get to the toilet. When I was done I had to scoot passed her again but this time she grinded into my lap. It turned me on and she could tell so she grabbed my hands and put them down her pants. She turned around and we started kissing but I heard someone coming so I whispered “I’m sorry” and ran out to my car where I found my manager. She gave me my gift, I think it was a poster but I’m not sure.