Running to a Movie

Date: 5/17/2017

By harassicpark

I was standing outside in a busy street of a large city, working for some mean old lady, but she wasn't just my boss, she owned me. This lady also owned another girl, who was thinking about running away from her. I was changing the lights at an eye level traffic light (wat) when I saw her bolt away from the lady. I worked up the courage to run too, this lady had no trouble keeping up because it felt like I was only running at half speed. I ran down the street and got to an intersection when I realized I could no longer see the other girl, she had gotten away much faster. I looked back and saw the lady closing in, so I dashed across the street, almost getting hit but he lady couldn't follow me. I began to jog down the street where I found this large crowd sitting in stands, about to watch a film outdoors. I decided it would be a great place to hide so I joined them. Near the top of the stands, I saw the girl who had run, she smiled and waved at me, I went to sit next to her but she told me to sit somewhere else in case the lady saw us. I went to the far side at the very top where I saw Johnny and Elissa Ellison sitting a few rows in front of me. I had to lean far forward in my seat to see the screen down below and when I did my seat detached and flew forward down past everyone in front of me. I landed on the ground hard, but it didn't hurt. No one came to check on me, so I got up and noticed there was a couch very close to the screen with my family sitting at it. It turned from a large stadium to my living room. We were sitting there, watching a movie when Mrs. Anna called and he had to pause it. She talked so long on the phone that I woke up before the dream progressed.