Wild animal "attack"???

Date: 8/9/2017

By krg23krgxx

This is a reoccurring dream I've had with not much sense to it. ___ There is a long pathway that leads to an open area which had a large empty black cage on the left side. the entire thing is surrounded by tall grass and other plants and flowers. the pathway is cement. The first time I had this dream it was clean. The second and third time it has had footprints walking away from the path as if they were walked on in wet cement. I usually walked alone. One time with a man I can't recall what he looked like or if I knew him. I would walk up the path and then stop as I see a large wild animal. Usually a black panther which is my spirit animal (one of them.) One time it was a bear. I would then feel my full anxiety kick in since I have an anxiety and panic disorder. I would slowly back away until I'm away from it where I would then run away and the dream would end.