Flying in this weird brown area , Exorcism of Daniel Radcliffe, Dancing, S. is my girlfriend

Date: 2/13/2017

By Nedim286

I was flying around, it looked like the grand canyon put like zylinder like rock platforms every now and then. They were big. I had wings. Like batman but tighter, more narrow, not as wide spread. I was lilith from borderlands. My wings were brown. I was flying suddenly there was a big wall like mordors wall. There were these creatures. Reminded me of Hagravens in Skyrim. They could jump really high. But they didn't catch me. I found this elder tree. He had a face and could talk. I kinda said in this chair it was those long chairs like a dentist. And this wood surrounded me. I got a strong wood armor I kinda looked like groot I guess? But a little wider, buffer wtv. Next Scene We did an exorcism on Danielle Radcliffe, he looked like Harry Potter. It was in my venlo house but there were so many secret passages I never knew about. It was me, Daniel and another dude. Me and the other focused magic on him. Like a channeled spell of blue electric ball. We went in his head, mind, thoughts wtv. He was in a really rough sea everything was dark stormy. We had to escape the dark, to do that we had to imagine the light. Not light literally but like theight side of the force kinda. A helipad spawned we climbed on it. Helicopter came and picked us up. Next thing I know we are on a platform somewhere. A big as train with like 2 or 3 people on the drove left to right right to left repeatedly the whole time reslly fast and they were shooting on us. We managed to destroy it. Next scene In a corridor with S. , she's my girlfriend, I walk up a stair case and I fart really loud. S. was like wtf are you doing nedim stop that. Turns out I shit myself. However I can reverse time. So I went back. Went up the stairs again Next Scene I'm in a idk how to explain hall. Left side is tables and chair. Middle is like where you get food at a cafeteria like those American high-school ones. Top side is the bathroom. Top side middle but a bit to the right is a bar with drinks. Right side an exit with glass doors. Bottom middle to the right. Right side of the cafeteria thing are the stairs I used. I noticed a group of like 4 kids dancing. They were wearing yellow. The whole area was yellow and orangish actually. I went to them leaned on them as they were taking their cool boi pic while crossing their arms. It was kinda like a photobomb. So I leaned on to one guys back and he ran really fast. But I was glued to him so he was dragging me I was diagonal kinda. My shoulders on him and my feet dragging along the floor with my arms crossed the cool boi way. Then suddenly i was dancing Breakdance. All. Cool and shit. Then I danced with sudy but I had to take a piss. Went to the bathroom took a piss in a standing thing. And I pissed myself in real life.