Thrown from Earth realm? Weird af

Date: 3/2/2017

By MicahDreamz

Me and a bunch of other people get thrown from our normal place into this weird one, we come flying out of the sky and land here. It's like someone decided our time is over on Earth. We hit the ground and are all laying on it now. Now a massive wave of small items starts raining down on us from above. It kills most of us and i think we will all die. When it stops i get up and walk around. There are about 75 people around me, we are all grouped up. One girl says should we just split up now and i say no we don't have to say bye to eachother right now. People start rejoicing and most of them run and say yayy let's meet our reflection. They go to this giant long mirror and i follow. The reflections for them are like a seperate version of themselves, a friend. Yet mine is just a simple reflection of myself. I think dang this sucks. I see red clothing. Now we are all migrating to another area, i think trying to find a way out of tgis big area near a parking garage. We are all very close together amd i get into a shoving fight and this fat guy shoves me. Someone else says i should avoid fighting him. Suddenly, we see some people on the other side of this garage opening with a cage through it. Some look to be wearing swat police gear. At first i think they can help us but then the white, bald shirtless guy starts talking. He is telling us he is going to take each one of us as he pleases. He has a long whip. I start running the other way and he cracks his whip and wraps it around me but i easily juke out of it as i see in 3rd person, but i look like another, older man with short hair. Now while i'm trying to run i am running super slow because of the dream. He gets me with the whip. Soon i hit pause on the remote and decide i'll finish the end of this intense scene later. Apparently i went from in the show to watching it. I know there are other seasons but i think how could there be when it looks like it must end right there. There are two girls i know sitting down to my left. Think one is Sydney.