I had sex with my ex boyfriend????

Date: 2/14/2017

By Charlieebluesphinx28

I was walking around a store runs my ex boyfriend popped up out of now where and he holds me close than he starts to touch me and his hand betaken to wonder around and he squeezed my boobs than he went for my vagina and he started to finger me and he held me close so I held him get hard then he turned me around and pressed me up against he wall and was kissing my neck and still fingering me and I begin to moan and squirm under his touch than he stopes and looks at me "god your so damn sexy when you moan and squirm I want to make you mine" he kisses me neck again and I moan than he pulls down my pants/leggings than pulls his down and tries his penis on me than he enters me and I moan and he sighs then he begins to fuck me hard and fast than he hold me close as I cum than he cums than he disappeared and I woke up