bella thorn

Date: 7/29/2017

By loganxking

me and bella thorn were sharing a hospital bed in the upstairs of my house. she tried to kill herself by unplugging to heart monitor. i screamed for my mom. but bella came back smiling, she had a gun she grabbed from beside the bed. i got up and ran out of the room screaming for my mom but she didn't care, she hid me in her room so that i was hidden from bella and her gun but she saw me and i ran out quickly. i grabbed a knife from the kitchen and she did she, she threw hers at my leg twice. i was smarted and chased her with mine, cutting her arm twice. while running past my parents, who were somehow were normal about all of this, i told them to hide the knives. it was a back and fourth battle until i finally chased after her with my razor blade to find her in the kitchen sitting at a chair across from my dad. i stabbed/cut her one shoulder 3 times and the other 4. when i stopped i stared at it for a few seconds and broke down. i started to cry and my dad laughed and asked why. i didn't know, i sat down and cried.