Jon Snow's Resurrection

Date: 4/27/2017

By ackermoon

In the dream, I was Khaleesi, or at least an identical relative of hers, with all of her current titles (Mother of Dragons and all) and more. I, she, had the ability to fly is the exception. It came around the time that Jon Snow was killed, and I'd been infatuated with him for some time (just like in real life) and instead of giving The Red Woman the responsibility, I took it myself. Except this time, it was more complicated than just answering to the Lord of Light and tossing his hair into flame. I had to hide his body in some place it could be the safest, but still utilize his power. So by instinct I took him to some vessel of light in the sky, which looked like a giant glass tulip, upside down. I opened up the petals and laid him down inside safely, with a kiss, and then sealed him up, and enchanted some vex on him so that he would be protected even further, throughout this resurrection process. Apparently this tulip vessel of light thing was one that needed the syrups of one's power to come into effect, so while he was in there his veins would glow a dusty rose pink and out from the bottom, a glowing milk with stream out- that I knew to be his sacred "power"- and it would find its way to heal those who had ever been loved by Jon, and it would protect them also. So because I guess I was most loved by him I suppose, I reached my most powerful state and nothing could harm me, absolutely nothing. And because I was more powerful, I for some reason could also travel to the afterlife and inbetween. Instead of visiting Khal and our kin, for some reason, Jon was the only one I could think about. He warned me of some upcoming danger in my "waking life" and claimed this danger would visit me "during slumber, in the long night." He also stated that his power could only protect my dream-self, Khaleesi, but not real life me. And then with tears he said, "Don't bring me back." This was just as his resurrection was almost complete, and then I woke up abruptly and was not able to fall back asleep, or visit this dream again. I can't get it off of my mind, because I so anxiously want to know what this "danger" Jon spoke of is, and how he knew that he was a dream and that the danger would approach me while I was sleeping. What did he try to protect me from?