New house

Date: 6/10/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

We made changes to our house, it became an open space on the grass. There were lots of slides, it looked like a playground. Everything was covered by a thin transparent blue fabric. My "room" was bigger. Though there weren't any walls I saw it with walls and it had a higher section and nice shelves to put things. I remember one with some speakers. I found a baggage that belonged to my father, apparently, in a drawer. It contained some toys in the upper pocket. The YouTuber Peter Draws lived there with me and I asked him how his "apartment" would've looked like once completed. Then I saw a woman playing a strange game. There was like a portal, shaped as a ring. She had something that looked like a hammer in her hand and she should make a "seed" as she called it, fly through the portal and it would follow a black line and disappear into infinity. (it was kinda foggy in that particular area) so I helped her to take back the seed that had fallen into a hole in the ground. It had a strange shape, like a rectangle attached to a roundish shape. Helping her with some long instrument I have no idea I realized that there was a heavy part (the round one). The seed broke. She started crying as she fell onto the ground and she said "that's not the heavy part". I remember complaining with my mother about why there wasn't a plug near my bed and trying to find a solution.