Undercover Cops

Date: 7/1/2017

By MsBananaNanner

Ali and I were pretending to be cops. We somehow stole uniforms and a cop car from my old boss (not a rl boss) who owned a super ghetto cellphone store and no one liked him. So we pile all our friends into this tiny cop car (it's a Prius for some ridiculous reason) and we head to this underground party thing. Everyone keeps staring at us because we look too young to be cops, but I tell her to just play it cool and keep her fake mustache on. We sneak our way through the entrance, and then look for a bathroom so that we can change out of our disguises. There are like a billion people in the bathrooms so she ends up in one and I end up in another but we just have to go with it. While I'm changing, this woman keeps asking me all these questions, so I quickly come up with a cover story. Now I've also got an earpiece that connects me to Ali, so that we can hear what's going on with the other person, as well as to our people on the outside. I give her this whole story about how Ali and I were undercover cops, like the underage kids who pretend to try and buy alcohol and stuff, but now that we were old enough we've started actual police training. I was surprisingly really good at making up my story and she seemed pretty convinced. Our partner dude in my ear tells me I did good making up a story and says he'll be sure that Ali will tell the same story if asked. Then some random dude in a suit comes in telling me there is someone to speak with me. I know that it's got to be people who've figured out that we aren't really cops, but I force myself to stay calm. Our partner guy tells me that they've got a plan to get us out and then he like presses a button or something that injects me with something that we had in place beforehand that makes me start coughing up blood and convulsing and whatnot. So of course everyone is freaking out and screaming for a doctor. And who is the medical team that rushes to our rescue? Our colleagues of course! While "checking my vitals" he inconspicuously removes my earpiece and any other incriminating evidence. The people trying to chase me are yelling at him and he confirms my identity as an undercover cop, and then the woman I'd been talking to joined in to confirm it as well. The other dudes are really pissed, because how can they deny 2 separate witnesses who can confirm my identity? Eventually our team gets us out and gives me the easy antidote to reverse all the effects.