Date: 8/27/2017

By adickle

Second try at lucid dreaming I didn't have much luck being lucid but i do remember having quite an interesting dream although i font remember much. Im having trouble trying to fall asleep. I think im just trying to focus a lot on doing lucid and im getting too excited. As like most of my dreams it sort pf changes half way through into a completely different senario. I dreamt of there being a life threatening being coming down to earth from space in a matter of days. In an attempt to stop it this secret society organise a trip to another planet in that they discovered some very dangerous beings were inhabiting this planet. As me some how being apart of this secret society i arrive with my team at the planet and we land at the base that has already been set up for years in that we were researching the planet and its inhabitants. I soon realise that we have been capturing these massive creatures as big as mountains in preparation to use them to defend the world. I cant really remember what happens to the creatures or the life threatening being or even earth. I just remeber it all of a sudden being gone. No creatures, no being, no earth. I just remeber being stuck on a deserted base on a deserted planet, with only my team and I. I just realized that this sounds like an amazing movie idea😂😂.