Great Wolf Lodge With My Class?

Date: 2/7/2019

By bluelacy89

I’ve had dreams like this before where I go to great wolf lodge (it doesn’t really look like it but it’s the same in every one of these dreams) with a big group of people. Sometimes it’s my family, tv show actors, or my class. This time it was my eighth grade class and we were in rooms where the tables were beds and it was kind of like a classroom. Ella was told to give us instructions and on these sheets of paper were different assignments. They were really weird. I can’t remember them specifically but most of them were pranks. We walked around the hotel and went into another room. It was history class but not really. During this section of the dream i got a Harry Potter vibe. We all sat down and were listening to the teacher when I see some people on the outside of the door. They are holding a finger to their mouth to tell me to be quiet. They were trying to scare the teacher. It worked and I was worried she was going to be mad. But then I woke up.