Climbing a very tall hill

Date: 2/26/2017

By alexwolfycat

I was walking out of the auditorium doors but there was construction on the pathway to the gym so I had to turn back around. The auditorium building had turned into a big garage. Brooke and her friend were walking with me. It was very green outside and there were many trees. We started walking up this really tall hill and Brooke stood at the very tippy top. I kind crawled up there when we were close to the tip because of my fear of heights. I looked over the hill when I reached the top and we were thousands of feet above sea level. I could see a city and many many trees. It was beautiful but I was very cautious. Brooke and her friend were horseplaying and I told them to knock it off because I was scared af. We eventually went down the hill and appeared next to a dock. There was a large boat with soo many people on it. Many of them were carrying signs but I couldn't read them. When they saw us they cheered. I was like wow I should snapchat this and put it on my story. So I got my phone out and told them to cheer again for the video but only a few of them cheered so it was awkward. And when I watched the video apparently I accidentally took a video of my face with the front camera. That was confusing since I know I took it using the right camera but I was like oh well. There were many more scenes but I can't remember all of them. I know one other one had to do with me in the youth room after church and Althea was there and we were all doing some sort of arts and crafts.