all time worst ?-??-17

Date: 2/22/2017

By libertydiehl

So I was about 6 and I was at my house with my mom, dad, sister, brother, and grandma. So my neighbor came over and asked if I could go with him to his house. I said "no" because I was scared of him. My family kept pressuring me to go over there but I would not. I told them "I'll go if y'all go" they finally said ok and we went. I don't even remember getting inside the house, we all woke up and we're in these tubes. The guy was gone so we tried to get out and somehow succeeded. We started walking and my dad was carrying my grandma. My grandma said "There's a bathroom right here I have to go. Stop" and we all kept going and she was flipping out. So we finally let her and before she could get back out the guy came back and killed us. So it's all my grandmas fault. Just kidding just kidding.