Hogwarts but not

Date: 6/15/2017

By icarus

Lmao weird. My dream was pretty rad, I was a witch at this school like Hogwarts and I wasn't allowed to be in a dorm with the other students becuase i would always be playing tricks on them, so I had my own room at the very top of one of the turrets in the castle. And one day, I was playing tricks on people while I was invisible and I ended up in a large room where the Headmaster, Dumbledore, Lucius Malfoy and some other people were and they were talking about how they need three things to keep the castle protected from these bad people and in the cage they were surrounding was lucifer for some reason. idk what the bad people were called so I'll call them hooligans. Anyways, I realized that something I owned was one of the things they needed so when the cafe went back down into the Secret dungeon I went down there, still invisible and put my coins into the compartment that was for them, but Lucius caught me, thankfully I got the coins in tho. So he took out his wand and was trying to kill me, but I managed to dodge him. Then the castle was being attacked by hooligans and they took everyone as prisoners, including me, and it turned out Lucius was one of the hooligans and it also turned out that the chief of the hooligans had a hot and badass daughter. Anyways, I managed to escape from the cells but I got caught by Lucius and so he tried to get me back but I escaped back to the castle where I also found a quicker passageway to the castles secret dungeon and I read the manuscript of what else I needed and for some reason I was the only one who could understand it. My little brother had one of the objects so I had to go back to the cells to help him escape and I got the golden rectangles that were needed. That's when I was officially caught by the hooligans and because i was the only person who could read the hieroglyphics then I have to help them get lucifer out so he can cause more chaos, and if you on put the coins and the rectangles in, then it would release lucifer but if you threw in a certain paper he would die and everything would go back to normal. So I agreed and they forced me to go through the short cut to examine the cage lucifer was in, because they didn't know that I had the golden rectangles that would release him. So when they left, me and Cedric put the rectangles in and during the whole time it was really stressful and I kept yelling Cedric because he was doing it wrong so I took over and did it right, but it was funny because i kept saying I don't know what im doing and I hope I'm doing this right. But we needed one more thing to destroy lucifer and make everything normal but I didn't know what it was, the hieroglyphs just said 'a paper with three rocks and spells' then I remembered and ran to my room at the top of the turret and rummaged around for it, for some reason my mom (who was played by Carol kane) was up there and she was pregnant and this other dude who looked like Titus from the unbreakable Kimmel Schmidt, and I told Titus to look over my mom incase she goes into labor and he said 'no, if this castle is crashing im not going to be stuck up here' so I told him fuck you and left with the paper I needed. While I was going down the staircase to the Secret dungeon, the stairs were illusions and you would slowly float down instead, and Lucius was following me with a sword so i managed to escape the illusionary stairs and took the Secret passageway, as I was going down I found the hooligans daughter, fuck it I'll just call her Mary, down there and she was eating an apple as she wait for the chaos of lucifer release so we talked a bit and became friends, then I said I had to go and went to lucifer cage and saw everyone was there so I quickly opened the cafe door threw in the paper in and shut the door, I went over to lucifer, pressing my face to the bars trying to see if it worked and lucifer Kissed my cheeks and said thank you as he died. When I backed away, everything looked like my laundry room and Mary was hanging somethings up to dry so I helped her and I tried using my magic to lift a sheet to dry but it didn't work, so said I looked silly and just hung up the sheet manually so that when I figured out magic doesn't exist anymore and Mary was listening to radio and it was jazz so I took her into my arms and we danced, my hand was on her butt and she had a really nice butt. So some people came down, I didn't recognize them personally but whatevs, and there was this really pretty girl and I said 'I would like to introduce you to the prettiest girl down here.... mary' then I gestured to Mary and she was flustered, the other pretty girl looked super pissed. And Mary told me that she want to keep our relationship on the down low so I respected her wishes. When we went up stairs, I saw some of my family and friends in the dining room and I explored some and I found this garden and a dresser was in there for some reason so I was going through to steal the jewelry and I found two necklaces with rings, one gold one silver, so I decided to give the silver necklace and ring to Mary even though I like silver over gold. And Cedric came into the garden to tell me about his day, he looked to be on T and was out to the family and he looked really happy, and he said all him and his girlfriend did for the past two days was have sex, and so he asked me what my lady and I did, and I to,dont him, she wants to keep a relationship a secret and we haven't had sex yet, but we read to each other, took naps and talked.