McDonald's Mayhem

Date: 7/11/2017

By treydilla

I go to a McDonald's with I think my Mom and sister. I'm excited because they have really cool happy meal toys, some old beanie babies and star wars themed ones. I think about how I'm totally going to get a happy meal to get a toy, but then I remember from when I used to work there that you can buy just the toy alone. So I get to the register and order a big mac meal and ask if I can get a toy also. I ask if I can pick my toy and the cashier says I can but I have to dig my hand into the bag and feel around for which one I want, I'm not allowed to look. So I end up finding some weird toy and I'm satisfied. I then get my food but I notice the Big Mac box is upside down. I open it up and see the burger is upright but I didn't like that the box is upside down. I start to go up to the register to ask them to fix it but realize it doesn't really matter and start to just walk away. Someone behind the counter notices me though and asks if I need anything, I insist that I don't and keep walking, but the woman behind the counter keeps insisting that they can fix it while I ignore her and walk away. I sit down at my seat with my sister and mom and start eating. A manager from the McDonald's comes up to talk to me asking to fix my sandwich. I keep telling her that it's fine but she just won't accept it and keeps trying to fix it. Eventually I tell her that I'm trying to eat and to just leave me alone. Apparently this offended her and she starts getting testy talking about how she's earned where she's at in McDonald's and I need to treat her better. Which I respond to by saying very angrily "You're a manager at McDonald's, fuck off!" She finally leaves me alone, I'm completely surprised she doesn't ask me to leave the restaurant because I was being an asshole. Then my old friend Mike Laba shows up who is apparently working there. He's asking another girl who just got off if she has any dabs. next thing I know Mike is right up against my left side, and the girl is right up against my left, practically squishing me in between them while I try to eat. I turn to the woman and say rudely "can you give me some room I'm trying to eat." She gets all pissed off now and I'm so frustrated that I get up and storm out of the restaurant to go and finish the meal in the car. As I'm walking out to put my tray away I find another toy that I apprently had and put it in my pocket. The car is a Jeep which we came in and apparently left all the doors open when we went into the restaurant. As I get into the Jeep and start eating I see a couple laying on the lawn in front of McDonald's making out pretty intensely with each other.