Monsters back in time

Date: 8/12/2017

By Abidoue

I remember it started when I asked if I could borrow my little sister's shoes, because I had none. Yet, it was winter, which I realized after, but still. I treathened to show her grades to mom and reminded her of all the cheat help I got her for her french in primary school, but she simply threatened to show my grades to mom -- mine weren't as bad, but I didn't live that dangerously. So mom said she'd give me one of hers if I really insisted. Me and my sisters -- we were three -- hung out to the bar, I was 18, my older 21 and my younger 16. But we all had started hanging in the bars -- at least that one -- since 17, 15 and 12, in that order. And I know I had a lot of friends at school, I made a few more in the bar -- especially the barman 😏😏 -- but it all really screwed up. I know there was something about monsters, I and that we went hunting them -- I don't remember who, you'll I see why -- and I don't remember a what the monsters were either. Because suddenly I was back at 12, my older was 13 and my 7?? It didn't fit, and I could remember everything "from the future". At first, because it started fading away very quickly. So when I went to the bar, the barman that I had in my views and that had come hunting with me seemed very startled to see me so young, so threw back in time. Everyone else treated me as a first timer, as a kid, but they let me in anyway because that's just what this very bar was. No one else realized something was wrong but him. But I didn't have time to clear things up ¿¿ When I came up to him after my sister thanked him for his favor, I wanted to give him the "pourboire" he asked her, but I had no money because I was a kid ;-; And I could see him slowly forget what was wrong with me, as if I normalized. Never knew more since I was in the process of waking up when the throwback happened and I got mad so I kinda just got up... Which now makes me very sad :( There was also a lot of family life details before the throwback, but my memory was starting to fade as I saw the boy forgetting all about me.