Glass Animals, School, More School

Date: 4/4/2017

By seascarlet

1: I don't remember much about the first dream except that I was sorting through some small glass animals and other shapes that I had found on the ground that someone else had left behind. They were all flat and smooth on their broad surfaces, but had a bit of dimension to them otherwise. They were dark brown and opaque with a shiny wood finish look to them. I had them narrowed down to four I wanted to keep. I don't remember the first two shapes, but the last two were a heart and a bear. I was trying to figure out which of the different types of bears I wanted when someone, I think Jeff came up behind me and asked if I really wanted someone else's used stuff. I could relate to what he was saying, but I did want these. 2: I was in a classroom doing some sort of visit with a kid or kids related to my job. The teacher gave everyone some sort of weird orange drink and malleable sand to work with. I avoided the drink, but tried to make a star shape with the sand. A boy got up and said he was going to be sick. The teacher wasn't there so I told him to just go out the emergency exit. He did and barfed outside. I figured letting him do that was against the rules, but the teacher would hopefully thank me later. Then a girl said her stomach hurt and I realized they might have food poisoning related to the weird orange drink. I was glad I didn't drink it. 3: I was naked in a towel running around inside and outside of a school that was supposed to be a high school, but resembled my old middle school. I was looking for the lost and found. I knew there were bathing suits in it and I wanted to go swimming in the school's pool. It was after hours a bit, but there were still a few classes in session for some reason. I got lost in a court yard at the center of the school and kept running around looking for an entrance. As I did this I worried a lot about kids seeing me zip by their classroom window in a towel. Finally I found my way in and found a bathing suit, put it on and started swimming. Unfortunately there was an all male swim team practicing in there. I hoped they wouldn't notice me. They did, and one of the guys asked if I went to school there. I said no, I'm a grown up, I just really regret not joining the swim team when I was in high school. Another guy said at least I probably have a house if I'm a grown up, as if all grown ups have houses. I told him actually yeah, I do have a house. He said I should go enjoy my house. I said yeah, you're right, and I left.