flying over highway

Date: 2/26/2017

By kevin350

I went to this festival but it was already over. Just some workers and a bunch of port o poties. This guy who talked to me earlier , who apparently thought I worked there, said he didn't know I worked today. I said "not here" because I felt like earlier I made him think I worked there so maybe he thought I had 2 jobs when I said that. He talked to me some more and I ran away and took off flying. I started yelling something while I was flying away. At first I was really high then I went lower, closer down to the highway. I was flying over the highway and I kept yelling "yeah yeah yeah" or something I was trying to scare these people in this convertible. The people sped up. Eventually I fight up to these 2 girls in this convertible (still flying) but now they were floating on a cloud or something. All of a sudden it was more like watching tv than being there. One was half black it looked like and she turned to the "screen" and spread her legs and started rubbing herself close up