Punk shows and cute boys

Date: 5/2/2019

By heyitsfrannie

Part 1: I went to a meeting on campus for people who were into punk/rock bands. The meets had been happening for sometime, so i was the new girl. I imagine I looked pretty out of place because I had on shorts and one of my sorority date party shirts on. The meeting was lead by this really punk black girl and there were like 10 other people there attending. I was there attending the meeting when the girl mentioned that they were all gonna ride to a punk show together. I saw surprised because this was my first meeting and I didn’t know they did stuff like that. So, I asked the girl running the meeting if I could go too because I had never been to a punk show and I have always wanted to go. I even mentioned to her that I would be willing to drive myself, if I needed to. She said it was no problem and that I could ride on the bus with them. I got on the bus and sat somewhere in the middle seats. When I did these two really attractive guys came and sat at the seats next to and in front of me. They started talking to me, asking me what kind of music I liked, and getting to know me. They talked to me the whole ride until we got to the venue. * I have NO memory of the concert, can’t even remember if I went in the dream* So the concert was over and we were back on the bus. I suppose that sometime during the concert I got closer to one of the two guys. So much so that he sat next to me on the bus to go back. (Also for some reason his hair got cut sometime between the concert and now.) We we’re sitting and talking, when he leaned in and kissed me. He was a really good kisser by the way. But we kinda made out for a few seconds when I pulled away. We sat in seat looking at each other. I had my feet on the back of the seat in front of us and he could see that my converse were broken. He started looking at and I said they were fine. All of a sudden we teleported to his closet, i think, where he handed me a brand new pair of size 8 womens converse. Then i woke up