Miami 8/3/17 YAAAAS!! Girl

Date: 8/4/2017

By Seym022

All of my friends were on a field trip at the science museum because they were having a big event. Since I was a Raider Buddy, I was co-leader of my group. There were tables with experiments and tents. When everyone separated, Sofi called me over to go to the vending machine. She handed my three dollars to hold for her. Once there, Gabe joined as well. Although, Sofi didn't take me over there to go to the vending machine. Gabe asked her to bring me over, and then Sofi left. Gabe said that he likes me and that I was pretty, funny, athletic, and nice. He wanted to date and I, of course, said yes. And I got three dollars out of it to. When we left, I threw a party with the help of Mrs. Noblet. I asked, IS THE PARTY IN MY HOUSE!! She said it was in the white building next to the tennis court. We partied there and someone showed me a pic of this party. Although, the centerpiece of the party was a big colorful glass swan. It reminded me of Jake's Bar mitzvah. Then only Sofi and Gabe were there, then Gabe left. It was only Sofi and I left. We talked about Gabe, and she wanted me hang out with her and the group more. And I was like, YAAAS, in my head.