Prisoner's Guild

Date: 7/13/2019

By Bex_CM

Jessie and I ended up in a prison together where the rules and system was very, very loose. I mean, some of the prisoners were part time guards kind of loose. First day in I hear that if I can steal something where the thieves' guild leader would see me but no one else would catch me, I'd be in. There is a tray of coins in little mesh bags in front of me that someone is counting in from a heist. There's an entire truckload. Everytime I tried to nab a bag though, the coins would click and rattle and give it away so I would just have to sit there like I was just picking it up and dropping it back on the tray as a habit. The leader comes up, and he's the biggest ass hat I'd ever seen, and he makes some remark that only thinks is witty. I hit him back with one and immediately my prison credits drop to $14, losing almost 2 grand just for mouthing off because he ordered my credits to be dropped right there. For some reason, I got favored and was given a bowl of gross slime covered fruit and it's supposed to be this honor thing. I was told not to share and not to let anyone even see what was in the bowl. Well, this guy tries to come up and take some and I get him riled up so he walks away. I see these two girls laughing so I take my bowl to them and I share it. They were saying how great it was that I mouthed off to the leader. (*he wasn't head of the thieves guild, just the leader of the prison.) So that's how I carried on because for some reason I was in the prison under two names. My own real name, and Bex CM. Which, no one could figure out that it was me even the name is similar to my own. But it was really working in my favor. As I'm standing around for one of the breaks near the main table where the leader is also at, my friend who is a part time guard was trying to slip my share of some cash by putting it in my back pocket. Well, the leader saw that motion and got mad but my friend was quick enough to pull the money back out while making it look like she was just feeling me up and whispering in my ear. The leader was fuming. I made a snarky remark about him being jealous so he checks my pocket and huffs. All I had were my issued tools in my front pocket, not my back pocket where he thought I was hiding something. I mouth off about him being disappointed about it and he smirks and pulls this shiny green pixie stick out from behind a shelf and twirls it in his fingers, saying he did find something. He thought he was so clever. Everyone still on my side new he was full of shit. So we move to the table he's at and without him noticing, I take his empty bottom screwdriver he thinks he's hiding his stash in and pop it open without him noticing to take his shit. I put it back and he shakes it then looks confused because he knows it's empty now but doesn't know why. I had him dumped in the lake for being a dick. I grab the money from my friend and hide in my dog food because no one ever touches it and I was allowed to have my dog Dexter in prison. He comes back dripping wet and tries to pull some witty remark but whatever my comeback was burned him so hard that he just had to storm away. Even I didn't have a prison credit to my name and no one could open stay a friend because I was being a dick to the prison leader, I had the respect of everyone who wasn't a mindless follower of his. And my alias as a thief was quickly becoming renown and still no one could link it back to me. I had it made there as the smartass bottom tier prison who was secretly the master thief with tons of prison credit under my second name.