Ghost in my Room (Real)/ Steep Hill and Theatre (Dream)

Date: 4/28/2017

By ace200

It was so hot in my room, I couldn't sleep. I also started remembering past horror movies I've seen and was scaring myself. I then got this really strong feeling that someone was next to my bed. Like, either I totally convinced myself of that or it was a dead relative of mine because my house used to be haunted, but hauntings stopped occurring when I was two. I don't know, maybe the spirit is still there. I hid under the covers because I was so sure someone was there watching me and I had a feeling like they would grab my arm. Once I fell asleep, I dreamed my parents drove us up this steeeeeep hill that scared me. There was a lighthouse and a house, it was beautiful and an ocean was around us. My parents said they just wanted to show me the house because a murder took place there and both of the people who lived there, and wife and husband, died. I was then at a party with Taydem and a new girl, Shelly. She was really nice and I felt like we were meant to be friends. She had a 90s grunge look going on that I loved. I then was performing my recital pieces in front of the theatre company in the auditorium. Mrs Reppert and Mr were there. Taydem, Kiera, AJ, Luke, etc. I did pretty well, but my sister tried hers and messed up so I hugged her.