A tale of Demons and a brave Swordsman

Date: 3/24/2017

By A_RisingKing

So this dream starts out in my house. I always find these dreams particularly interesting. Anyway, in the dream I'm in my parents room laying down on there bed. An I start to get this feeling of a strong presence in the room. At first I had no clue what it was. I then began to text some friends and we start chatting in a group message. The next thing I know I got that feeling again but this time something actually happened. The first of strange events occurred when I could hear my friends talking to me from my phone, though we weren't on a call with each other. They began to ask "what's going on?" Then I saw the image of a summoning circle, though this one was different with all the shapes being square and forming a square shape. Then what I saw in my head actually appeared on the floor in my parents room. I told my friends what was going on an what I was looking at. I told them it was kinda hard to describe what was going on and I'd send them a picture of it. I then told them I wasn't sure if I should take the picture an asked if I should pray about it first. They said "no its fine just take the picture." I took the picture but then it came out weird and I wanted it to be perfect. As I was looking a the picture something began to happen with my phone. Everything turned blank for a second, then something filled the screen. It looked like some scene you'd see in a horror movie, a little girl with long black hair covered over her face, nasty skin, and just standing in front of the camera. An my phone began to blink every couple of seconds. I couldn't do anything on my phone, couldn't close it out or turn the phone off. So I threw it on the bed an backed up as I began to feel the presence get closer and closer. Though I couldn't see what it was that was coming I knew it wasn't good. I could no longer hear my friends on the phone but I could still see the summoning circle on the floor. I walked out of my parents room down the hall to my room and immediately grabbed my black katana (I know, I know lol say what you want about it but that's what happened) and prepared for the evil that was coming after me. I then saw the engraving from another one of my swords appear, the engraving was in Japanese but I knew what it meant. It reads "The spirit of the Dragon", I walked out of my room, blade at the ready to strike what ever would appear to oppose me. As I walked slowly through the hallway...the dream ended.