13 reasons why, but everyone's gayer

Date: 4/18/2017

By underworldsqueen

there was this party, which was after all the things happened in the series, but I think I saw Hannah like at the corner of my eye for a second. Anyway there was Clay dancing, Justin alone at a table and Jessica on the second floor looking at him. Suddenly Clay decides to go to Jessica, but when he arrives she was making out with a girl, so he kinda wait there holding her dress (since she was now half naked). Jessica let the girl go and turns to Clay who's now holding a pair of scissors against the dress, so she gave him a look like "why would you do something like this to me" and he says "get ready to see something much more humiliating" and suddenly the scene change and I start seeing images and scenes between Alex and Justin, and them kissing, and in the end Alex shooting himself and Justin crying. Then I remember Tyler's face somewhere but idk.