murderer - past dream

Date: 11/20/2016

By stefdrms

This dream was from long ago one I never forget and I thought I'd Archve it before I do forget ! It was me and my sister driving an old beat up red car, driving fast on the highway. I remeber her and I got into a argument and I pulled over on the road and I made her get out. I drove all the way to San Fran. I go to my home. There was many homes around mine they almost seem stuck together. Kind of like the full house home I thought then. I walk in and it's very 19yh century style big chandeliers. I remeber going upstairs and all of the sudden it looked just like my moms upstairs. I walked into her room and I saw a woman with long hair. I grabbed a knife and I stabbed her so man times I kept stabbing her and staving her in a fit of rage . I was very creeped out by this dream because I could never think of hurting anything not even in a dream. I remeber I kept stabbing her then I heard skmethjng. I freaked out and I dragged her body into the bathtub. I stabbed her a few more times. I ran downstairs and all my family was there. They started asking me questions about the drive what I've been doing why I was so out of breath. I said I realized I was late for something and needed to go. I ran it if there got in my car and remeber thibking that they would go up there and uncover the woman I killed.