Judgement Nightmare

Date: 2/16/2017

By MaggieBraddy

I remember we had to build a raft and it was almost pitch black, phone running low on power and extremely uncomfortable. We were all collecting metals, plastics and water weeds with the one pair of wire what looked like wire cutters. At one point during this "scene", I remember a load of people crowding in towards me and I began hyperventilating and fell on the floor (I do get very panicked when people are around me). Soon the scene changed and we were heading towards a big political looking building with chiseled pillars and high ceilings. Then we were beside an outside swimming pool with the people who were making the raft with me- all children younger than me. The area around the pool seemed peculiar, almost foreign in the sense there were large vine trees and rocks which we had to scale around the pool.Their parents we all there with them and my nan and my father with me. The pool was our next "trial". I remember feeling the sense of dread knowing I would have to participate and it felt as though I had to prove myself. The pool wasn't what scared me, I've been swimming for years now, it was what was in the pool. You had to get to this seat on the other side of the pool before "it" got oh and by it I mean the cliché monster under the bed hand- black and clawlike. At one point in the dream however it was revealed it was simply a little girl on a mans shoulders. I never saw anymore than it's hand but I knew if it got me I wouldn't survive. Before me, a younger girl who looked to be around 10 (in dream logic) managed to launch herself so far she cracked her bones on this seat. What bothered me so much about this was everyone's reaction. No one seemed sad at all beside me and my family members. The man i remember looked like a dog YouTuber I've watched Zac George with his blue eyes and tv host persona. He called up my name and I ran down across the rocks. My nan was littering me with picture and people were laughing because no one else brought their Nans just their dads. When I was up on the block I remember this dread I felt, even observing I felt it like a good horror movie. In my ear my dad was telling me how I would never do it because the man had a bias towards girls (even though I'm a girl). This was a very confusing part for me. There was a timer that started ticking and the further it got the more I panicked. The game "presenter" urged me to jump but I couldn't and my dad took me and we went to our car. It felt as though we were being chased. Another change in scenery and I walked into a science classroom and sat down next to a girl I know who also came in with me. I felt scared because she was going to sit with her friends and I would be alone. My friends eventually appeared and my apprehension went away. We were heading somewhere and I felt the pit in my stomach again. We were then in a multi story building which felt like a supermarket in sections then a home decor in the other. We were basically challenged with a gokart race around he shop. I remember the urge to just finish. It was me and my friends in my kart and I know I was trying to make sure they were okay. Whilst in the upstairs section I saw a celebrity (halsey) by the lampshade isle. She's a very big part of my day, her music means a lot to me. Whilst gokarting I got lost so many times and we had to collect these tickets from the cashier to prove we were going round. That's about all I remember but I feel absolutely terrified. Nothing that was happening was particularly scary but the feelings that went with everything were overwhelming. I'd quite like interpretations? Skype:maggiebraddyxo