Date: 3/29/2017

By frankreynolds

I went on Venmo to transfer someone a few dollars for something. I got a notification telling me that Mario was trying to send me $500. The message attached said "#SendCoryMoney." I clicked on the message to see how to decline the transfer. I don't need my friends giving me so much money. As soon as I clicked the message the transfer was accepted. No confirmation or anything. I was freaking out because I knew Mario did it as a joker because he knew I would decline it. I kept trying to send him the money back but the app wouldn't let me. I started googling how to cancel a transfer. Suddenly, a group chat of 20+ people starts spamming my phone: "WTF," "MOOCH," "STUPIDASS." I didn't even know half of these people. Mario told everyone he knew to spam me. I was getting Facebook messages, Twitter messages, texts, snapchats, etc. I kept typing back to Mario apologizing and finally I stopped getting spammed. I continued to try to Venmo back the $500.