Date: 3/24/2017

By Finami

To have a break from my difficulty in life, I signed up for a summer camp. My parents and friends saw me off with pleasant goodbyes. With my friends, they wanted to plan a welcoming back party after. Of course I said yes. It was very odd. The place I went for camp was my house. However, I knew something was off. This wasn't my house. The neighbors I had known weren't around and the street was desolate. I walked in and a woman greeted me with kindness in her face. On the other hand, her voice was not happy. Something was off about this picture. I asked where we were. "It's your home now." The ambiguous statement left me startled. Did I miss something? Where was everyone I knew? She gave me a tour of the house I already knew and loved. This was off though. I didn't like this at all. Afterwards, I was left to my own devices as she prepared dinner in the other room. I took this opportunity to make a call. I heard one of my friends' voice on the other line. Hopefully, I wasn't going crazy. I asked him if I had left home and he confirmed I did. About to tell him the circumstances, the woman snatched the phone out of my hand, strictly telling me I should never have it out. There was nothing I could protest about, so I nodded. To check out the area, I attempted to open the front door. The problem with it was it was locked from the outside. That's strange. This door was locked from the inside. It shouldn't be like that at all if this was truly my house. I tried the other doors. Same trial and error. I couldn't leave. The woman had taken me with her on one of her escapades. She had taken me outside with a bit of hesitancy before opening the door. It was a completely different neighborhood than the one portrayed when I came here. Was this magic? She knocked on one of the doors to a person living on a hill. The man looked old and sweet, not the type to hurt anything alive. The woman was guided inside, sitting with the man for an interview. I only waited outside to watch. So she was a reporter then? I guess she did look like Rita Skeeter... After all seemed to be said and done for the interview, she stood up with a fake smile. Quickly, she drew out a gun from the side of her dress, firing at the old man. My eyes widened at the sight, trying to regain my composure when she stepped back outside. From that day on, she was relentless. One by one, she shot at people without any warning to them. Even the people around the house were shot at. I needed my phone back but she disposed of it. Try as I might, I was not able to locate it. I needed to leave, but there was no way to. The opportunity finally came on a rainy day, giving her no choice but to solve the problem. She went downstairs to fix the plumbing and I ran up the stairs. I knew there was one thing I hadn't tried, especially since she kept an eye on me: The window. I knew for sure if she knew I was going to leave, I would be killed. I had to act fast. I took a second to enter a room and lock the door behind me. I should have a little time this way if she noticed. In the distance, I heard the cries of my friend and family, yelling at me to come out. Immediately, I took the latches off the window. The woman was beginning to rush up the stairs. One of the windows was stuck to its place, unable to reach any higher. Since I was small, this wouldn't pose a problem if I crawled out. I went though the window quickly, feeling the woman right behind me. I was free. Everyone I knew was gathered on a hill. It was lush green from the grass, beautiful yellow hues from the suddenly sunny day, and white from the dandelion fuzz floating in the air. They were all my favorite colors. Aerith from FF7 rushed up to me, giving me a grand hug. It was strange, but I took it. My friends from actual life approached me soon after, taking photos with me to commemorate my coming back. They felt upset I couldn't contact them, but they wanted to keep their promise on the present party. I explained the woman at camp disposed of it and they nodded in understanding. My family was also there, inquiring if we should leave for home. I spent a lot of time at the party so it made sense that we should eventually leave. I took off with the family, waving a goodbye to my friends. We planned to hang out at the mall later on. For now though, I was content to go back to my real home.