Bad electrical and vacation gone wrong.

Date: 5/9/2017

By CaptainBP

Once in my old house the wiring got fried in the wall and melted a socket. So I know this partly stems from that memory.- I am living in a house that isn't old but isn't knew. I believe I am living in it with three other people. 2 men and another woman. In this dream I think we are about the ages of 25-27. I am 31 real-world lol. I remember that this house had an attic and one of the guys went up into the attic when we started to smell the burning wires. However they couldn't figure it out, when I had been telling them over and over again it is in the wall. I don't remember what they looked like, just the girl's hair. long and brown. she had looked at me agreeing and joking how 'men' just gotta do things the hard way first. From there it switches to my work. I work in a kitchen, there us a problem with a light in the storage room and there is that same electrical burning smell. The florescent light is flickering and grayish-dim. I have a delivery coming in and the delivery driver even stops to muse over my flickering light and odd smell but then continues his delivery. I go outside for a second, I don't know why but when I do it is dark/nighttime out and looking like it could rain. (flash back to an older dream I've had with myself going outside at work to find it is dark, the parking lot lights are on and most cars are gone.) Something happens but I don't exactly remember what. From the electrical issue at work back to my house. Only while we come to the same place I left those people. still trying to figure out where the burning smell is coming from something happens to my mouth. Ideas frustrstedly speaking to them asking them if they touched the wall is it warm? When I felt half of my lower mouth shift and my right side of my jaw pop out of the socket. so half of my lower teeth and gums are just sagging and pushing into my other teeth on the left side. My mother is there and I show her my face as I am freaking out. she doesn't see it. There isn't anything wrong none the less I get sent to the dentist which ends up being from an older dream I vaguely remember. sitting at the dentist. This is where it ends and the next one begins, mind you there wasn't a solution to the burning smell coming from the wall since I went to the dentist. On to the next. Me, my mom and dad go on a vacation to some jungle like country. (that would never happen, maybe me but never my mom and my dad served in Vietnam so he'd never go vacation in a jungle.) Anyway we are on vacation, my mom in the dream is like her younger self. In better shape and not as old same with my dad less of a pot belly. so we are at these ruins/campground with other tourists it was almost like your typical American summer camp, with camp councilors included. Something happens. Something evil. Like a shadow comes alive in the ruins. We all haventi escape. Me and my parents take a blue truck and start driving away until we get to this Louisiana swamp like road. There we find a native boy about 9-10 left behind. so we take him with us back to the airport. While we are there the staff is letting everyone go with or without a passport. that is until it is my turn to board. I had lost my passport and they were refusing to let the boy go. so I assured my parents I'd be fine, ill be ok and stay with this boy and keep him safe. My dad wanted to stay but I told him no go with mom. reluctantly he goes with her. After a while the airport clears out, even the staff leave. Me and the boy take the truck and head back to the campgrounds. (no idea why, because if something evil happened there I sure as heck wouldn't go back.) when we get there I see a group of explorers I have in the past dreamt about and explored with. they are leaving the ruins but don't notice me. everything was as it was mostly, campsites abandoned, some rain made it muddy but there is an ominous feeling all around. me and the boy get back into the truck and the dream pretty much ends there because my alarm went off and woke me up. I almost slept through it because I was still in dream mode, still in the truck with the boy as I sleepily begun coming around to it.