Date: 5/21/2019

By Squishyxoxo

It was already some time into the zombie apocalypse, I was in an apartment about 2/3 stories tall and was the highest floor . Me and my boyfriend were in the living room. All windows covered in thick opaque sheets and a single candle lit in the room . We were on the couch laying down when I suddenly had the urge to look out the porch door window . I squatted down and slightly moved the bottom right corner of the “curtain” over a little . I saw The porch had a waist high bared fence to prevent falling and a couple of chairs . I see in the distance a street light (Idk why the lamppost has electricity during the apocalypse) . The post was maybe 50 feet away and 20 feet high . There was a tall , dark , slender zombie standing underneath it . No emotions , just standing and facing the apartments on the right of us . I didn’t move , I slowly closed the “curtain” and told my boyfriend to come see . Still squatting , I went to peek at the zombie again and there he was . (Standing on the ground 20/30ft below but bent over our rail so his face could meet mine) His pale , white , mauled face looking into mine through the glass . I woke up instantly sweating with clammy hands .