The Carnival/Afterlife Dream

Date: 2/23/2019

By dwalyn

Ok so it starts out with me and Gracie at the carnival and we’re walking around and we see Faith and Kaydee together for some reason. Then we’re like let’s fight them but we don’t. Then we go and ride this ride that’s like The Zipper but there’s no cage and I have to hold on tight but my hands are sweaty and they keep slipping. Then it flashes forward to night time and me and Gracie are still walking around. Gracie has an iPhone and an Android and she was using her iPhone this night. Then for some reason our principal Mrs. Bush was there and she said someone lost a phone and Gracie told me it was her but we need to leave it and try to sneak away but then someone said it was Gracies and a message appeared on it and it wouldn’t go away. It said “I felt something touch my hand...” and then she said “I feel something touching my hand” and she got pulled back and drug across the ground and she was gone and then I reached into my pocket and I found a bit that said “and then I was falling...” and I turned around and took off running and I fell into this big pit. Then I woke up and I was in this sort of place that looked like the vault in Fallout 3 but it was like one main place with all of the rooms opening to the big place. Gracie walked up to me and said “there’s a lot going on here and I’m not here for it” and then she helped me up because I was sitting on the ground and we started walking around the place and all the people there were from the carnival but Faith and Kaydee weren’t there. Also I didn’t remember Brent LeBlanc being at the carnival but he was there. Then we heard screaming from one of the rooms and Brent walks over and starts explaining what’s going on. Pretty much we’re in the afterlife but sort of a purgatory and everyone that wants to go on to the real afterlife has to go into that room and face their biggest fear and succeed through the sort of trial it gives you. Brent said he’d been there for about a year even though I had seen him at school about a week ago. So he hadn’t been at the carnival but he was the last person from the group he came with because he couldn’t face his fear. He said they all died at a carnival the week before. Then we just sort of chilled there and watched as more and more people left after facing their fears. The room just sort of made them disappear. Throughout this me and Brent started gaining an attraction but didn’t like make it a thing. Then it was just me, Gracie, and Brent left. Brent decided it was his time to face his fear and he said he was going to do it the next day. The three of us all slept in the same room and I heard something so I got up and went into the hall and Brent was sitting out there by the room. I sat next to him and he grabbed my hand and told me what his fear was. It was how he died. The note showed up in his pocket and it said “and then I was falling...” and it was while he was on a ride and he flew off of it and died. And then he laid his head on me and then got up and walked into the room. Then he was screaming and I ran into the room and he was crying and I held him and then it all went black.