Like Company and Snippets of Abduction

Date: 8/11/2017

By Fitful

I was in a bed. It was an old Victorian bed, wooden and Gothic and ornately carved. It was super tall, with long legs, a single bed, and really fluffy white pillows. Next to my bed on either side was an identical bed. To my right was a guy's bed, not sure who he was except I know we were friends. I found a few rings with neon blue raw crystals on them. They all reminded me of things which I knew and loved, mindsets and beliefs, all which were important to me. I knew whomever had the bed was very similar to me. I was happy about that, was actually looking forward to meeting him. To my left a girl was in the bed, my best friend. She and I chatted about how I had gotten here. Apparently some paperwork mishap had landed me in a psych evaluation, which was the equivalent to three days under supervision here. It was annoying because eim had things to do, and I was upset about being controlled. Someone had sent me here on purpose. It made me upset. We chatted about that and a few other things, friends and whatnot. Sometime later the bed kept disappearing, even tho I never moved. When it was gone I was still at the same height as if hoving there, but it was uncomfortable because I couldn't relax on the bed. Even later the guy did show up and he got me out. He used some wicked mental power to get them to fix the paperwork thing. I was out instantly but I didn't leave. I'm not sure why. ~ A guy took this girl, against her will, and they traveled. Rode the train together. I saw their feet sticking out a box car. She didn't want to be with him, but he controlled her and she couldn't escape him. ~ A father and his son lost their mother, she was stolen from them, or died. He grew up without her, but the both missed her even when he was an adult they still searched for her