The asylum

Date: 7/16/2017

By SnowWillows

I can't remember what happened before but there was a burst of colour and noise and screaming, I could smell blood and I saw people stabbing themselves or slitting their throats. We were visiting a mental asylum and I think few things became messed up. And I was in a hospital bed strapped down and I was being given this medication that turned my brain to goop. It was so hard to function. I was trying hard to get away from an old German doctor who would give me the medication and he wouldn't let me go, every single time I begged for release, he wouldn't let me go. So two of my friends suddenly appeared and they used magic to take me away from the hospital and they took me home. My mum was home and she was getting ready to come and visit me but we had to gather all this evidence against the doctor. In the book he gave us when we'd first walked through the doors of the hospital. So we went back and my friends ended up getting killed and I was taken back to the bed and strapped down given the same medication whilst I begged over and over 'please let me go, please let me go'. I woke up and I was still begging. I could still smell the blood and heard the screaming, I could still taste the medication. In that moment I didn't know whether I was awake or still dreaming. I wanted to kill myself so I could wake up. But I couldn't find a weapon so I sat on my bed and was rocking back and forth begging them to let me go. Then everything returned to normal and I realised I was awake. My first instinct was to tell someone to make sure it wasn't real, but then I realised I'd probably had another lapse in sanity and if I tell anyone else, they'll send me to a hospital and I'll never be able to escape..