Liam kills us

Date: 7/1/2017

By babygirlevie

Was in the mansion that sometimes recurs and it was kind of like a holiday at first I think there was like scuba diving and stuff, and there were lots of people there mostly from school, but we all started getting sick. Liam started coming round picking people up in the night and taking them and at first I ran from him and then I got depressed and decided to go with him and my boyfriend Dhivyen went with me but wasn't trying to stop me. As we went along in Liam's cart thing I kind of broke down and asked why they were going to let me do this and I didn't get an answer really from Dhivyen he kinda said he didn't think I'd die, but Liam basically said he'd let me do whatever and I asked him one last time if he had ever cared and he pretty much said no. We got to the spot where he got rid of people and I got out of the cart and he was going to cut me and I was scared for it to happen but then there was blood everywhere and it felt like an ocean or seaside but I came up to the shore and didn't end up dying and I walked up the bank which was very steep and far and past all the other school people and I particularly remember tom Corrie and James Manesis. Oh and also I found out Evie had gone with Liam earlier and killed herself and I had this image of her really happily bleeding away. Then I got up and everyone was exiting this kind of yacht club like building including all these graduated people from Brentwood my old school and I pushed through them and couldn't find florian inside and I came back out and was sort of trying to move quickly but also let running into Charlotte and Pria and having to hug them and say hi but then push on to find florian. I couldn't find him before I woke up.