Date: 5/8/2017

By onemanmoshpit16

It started out that I was on the run from some dangerous people. They kept saying that they need the power from inside me. I managed to make it into a circus to hide from them and the guy that was assigned to protect me was there. As I was taking a shower whoever was hunting me down killed my body guard. They couldn't find me so the left and kept looking. I wanna say that I was ten? Then my dream skipped for forward five years and I was living with a family and they had no idea what I was. One day the dangerous people showed up. They killed my family and tried to take me. It I disappeared and when I woke up I was a cat. Then for the next few years I hide in secret in a clan of loin hybrids that had wings to fly. One day that clan went to war to save themselves and I went on my own mission to save the world. Then my dream ended