A Hairy Guy Tells me to go to a Christmas Village (and no he wasn't Santa)

Date: 5/11/2017

By spookypiratecaptaincarcass

I was sitting around being bored on my phone. I wanted to find a new game to play, preferably an adventurous one with a story. On the AppStore I saw a game that looked interesting so I downloaded it. When it was done I opened it up and I was suddenly sucked into the game. I was standing on the end of a dirt road, that had a couple log cabins coming off it, which was in a small clearing surrounded by a forest. It was about noon and it was bright and sunny, it appeared to be early autumn. A large hairy guy came up to me claiming he was my father and leader of the village. He told me he had a quest for me: I had to go talk to the leader of the next village over. Accompanying me on my journey would be an old woman and a flying monkey. My "father" told me we had to walk the entire way (15 miles) because we weren't allowed to use the one vehicle in the village which was an old school bus. We began our long journey down a narrow path in the middle of the forest. We reached the village at night time, although it was more of a rich, white, suburban neighborhood than a village. The village was blanketed with snow and all the houses were covered in Christmas decorations. Strangely enough none of the house were lit inside except for one. It was a large wooden mansion sorta house with smoke floating out of the chimney. We walked inside and there was only one person there: the owner of the village. The old lady proceeded to talk to him about whatever we were sent there for and the monkey was flying around making an absolute mess. I got bored with it all so I decided to go for a walk. There were no streetlights, only the holiday lights illuminated the streets. I had been wandering around for a good 10 minutes when it suddenly started to get colder and darker. I was hearing strange whispers all around me and felt an unsettling presence following me. I started to panic and frantically searched for the mansion. The more I walked the stronger the presence, the colder the air, the darker the night. The presence was overcoming me and everything was turning black... ...and then I woke up because I'm easily spooked and didn't wanna deal with that crap.