Abusive relationship

Date: 6/6/2017

By mediocrates

this was by far the most scary nightmare i had. it felt so real and i couldn't wake up, i felt so trapped. I don't remember how it started but basically i was forced to marry some guy by my parents & he turned out to be abusive. when i told my parents they joined him & started harassing me to. o couldn't escape even when i tried to talk to my friends no one believed me. so i guess i tried to fight/kill him but he wouldn't die then i was in another country from where i couldn't escape. it was raining & i was trying to escape my husband but when i contacted any authority they would notify him. one guy tries to get me out of the country but he shows up and kills him. the it starts raining & he beats me & now controls all my life. he throws me in a pond and beats me there are some tribal people there who don't intervene. then he tells me that I'll live with them & learn how to do stuff & leaves. they show me how to cut a fish in a peculiar way & one of them is young Leonardo DiCaprio. L apologize for not helping before but i guess they are afraid of my husband. then i start finding letters inside the fish that i hide. then i suddenly become a nurse who's husband is a doctor & hes abusive. i have made some joke & he got offended so he pushes me down the stairs in the rain. then I'm some other woman whos husband controls everything she does. scariest part is i can still remember husband 1 telling me that he has all the rights to my body... it was chilling & disturbing. i remember praying so hard for god to kill him. i felt so trapped & useless & scared. i still have this weird feeling in my stomach.