Date: 9/16/2019

By whimmick

Came home from a class reunion. Had feeling a class mate from the reunion was going to try to date me. (I am currently happy married, although my husband does not appear in this dream). In this dream I recall horror stories from his exes. My sister is also home. We hear a knock at the door, for fear it's him I tell my sister to answer and pretend I am not here. She acts stupid, talking in a funny voice, pretending she doesn't understand who I am or who he's looking for. He leaves, I could tell he was annoyed by his voice. My mom and sister go to bed and I am puttering around the house anxiously for fear he will return. I am constantly forgetting to turn lights off for fear he is outside the house watching me. I receive a snap on my phone and it's from him. The snap is of a photo of several people I don't recognize, kind of like a stock photo from a new photo frame. But the text of the snap states he is feeling very homicidal right now with an angry face emoji. I take a snapshot of the snap and show my sister. I tell my sister how scared I am. I state I'm worried if I am home alone he will try to get me. And I worry I won't be able to run away from him undetected because it's fall and the leaves will give me away. She goes back to bed I'm assuming. I am now eating some egg cups alone in the living room, my mom comes out of the bedroom and asks me if I am going to bed. I ask her if she wants to finish my egg cups, she does. I then ask if it's ok if I sleep with her and my sister and I sleep in the middle. They agree. Dream ends.