Getting Fired

Date: 6/22/2019

By briannagio

I was at work and I got a call from Deb. She told me that Eileen (my boss) complained about me, and she suggested that I should be fired. I thought this was ridiculous because I do so much work for everyone in the office. I got really angry and started yelling at Deb because it seemed like she was agreeing with Eileen. I texted Renee that I might get fired. She asked me to explain what happened and then texted our “Before Land Time” group chat and said “R u okay BB?” Blake talked to me about what was going on and tried to calm me down. A lot of people our age were working in the office with us, so they were standing with us. They didn’t seem to know what was going on, and they asked Blake and I to go with them to get sandwiches after work at the hotel that was apparently next door. I was getting ready to leave for the day, and I realized there was a mess around my desk. I knew I had to clean it up or Eileen would definitely use it as another reason to fire me. I borrowed Deb’s jacket and shoes, so I put them back at her desk, and I folded up a blanket that had fallen on the floor. Blake told me that he had his dad’s Porsche, so he would take me home. I said no because I had driven to work in my own car. He laughed like he wasn’t going to listen to my excuse and he did a little jig over to the bathroom before leaving. Deb came over and asked what he did that for. When I told her, she laughed and gave me a big hug. She was acting as if I had never yelled at her.