Dog Storm

Date: 5/14/2019

By BHammack

We were all in our house. I was super depressed and just wanted to leave but I can't remember why. (I feel like I might have been in someone else's shoes wanting to leave their husband and unhappy.) I decided to get up and walk out but the damn dog wouldn't stop sneaking out to follow me. I go outside to do something in the backyard until I can trick Oliver into staying in the house. All of a sudden, were in a storm warning. Joe says he brought Oliver in and not to worry. I look outside and Oliver and Maka (I think) are standing outside the door. I look over at what we thought was Oliver and see that he's actually a pitbull with the same colors and what not. So I went to the front door and coaxed him out, to sit next to the TEACHER THAT WAS A STRAY TOO???? (I don't understand my actions here because I'd never leave either one to fend for themselves, especially during a storm.) So officially the stray dog and stray teacher are sitting on our front porch. So we bring in our dogs now and start locking doors and preparing for the storm. Soon after, a call comes over the school intercom?? The stray teacher was found dead outside, and if I remember correctly, it was due to something else, but at first I felt relieved that I had left that dog so he couldn't hurt my family too... I'm remembering flashes of Aiden playing basketball too but I don't quite remember what that was about.