I was very vividly possessed by an evil spirit.

Date: 2/21/2017

By dapperfish

So I was someone else but at the same time I was me. I looked nothing like myself but my reality was a mixture of my own with one I invented. Sometimes I knew I was me, other times I knew I was someone else. At first it was a very normal dream for me, I was at a parking lot next to my actual house and I was trying to park a car, and it kept rolling backwards no matter what I did so I just did it over and over again. I didn't want to drive anymore, I remember that clearly. My boyfriend (real life boyfriend) was with me and he wanted me to drive us somewhere, and I said no, but then a friend (a person I barely know irl) called and wanted me to pick her up so we could go to the beach. I felt guilty saying no, even though it was pitch dark and I hate the beach, that's when I realised maybe I was someone else and noticed I was tan and blonde and foreign. So I said yes, but suddenly, all hell broke lose and there were two children around us, one smaller than the other. We knew them in the dream, they were related to my boyfriend. They were not in the car, they were outside, and they were acting weird and screaming and we knew we had to help them. Then we realised one of them was possessed by an evil spirit, someone we also knew, somehow. The smaller kid was trying to protect the older kid while he choked and trembled and finally collapsed. Then the spirit took over the smaller kid. This is when we decide to stay behind, I remember feeling guilty for not being able to tell my friend we weren't going to make it, which is just like me - to be in the midst of an apocalypse worrying about minor issues. And this is when the dream gets extremely vivid. The smaller kid was now possessed, and he levitated, eyes glowing, spoke to me as if he knew me and threatened me and wanted revenge for something. I realised my body was also it's body and it wanted to return. Suddenly I knew exactly what to do to save that kid, I walked toward him, feeling very focused and confident (and these were very real feelings and sensations I was feeling, through my sleeping body, I was lucid enough to notice that but not enough to discern dream and reality) and I pointed towards to boy and said something I can't remember. Then I felt a very strong impact of something and lost all my strength and consciousness like I was fainting, but before I could collapse completely I felt a really strong wave of energy taking over me and suddenly I felt very strong and powerful, full of energy, and yet again, I was someone else. People were trying to stop me, I guess my boyfriend. Defiantly I took a bite out of the little boy's arm and spit it out in his direction. I woke up when I realised I was spitting in my sleep :| I think this is one of the most fucked up dreams I've ever had and definitely the most lucid. All of the sensations I had were extremely real and intense and I'm surprised that my brain would come up with this stuff. If this were the middle ages I would go mad and a mob would eventually throw me in the sea to see if I would float.