Date: 5/27/2017

By introvert_dreamer

I'm at a pool that's supposed to be Millard north but it's not. I'm training for something, and pippin is my coach. More people show up and we swim laps. All of a sudden, we start hearing police sirens and policemen start walking into the building. We're in a hallway, then in a classroom. This one girl starts freaking out saying her friend is being kidnapped and we look outside to see what's going on. We're looking into a neighborhood and I see two people down below. It's apparently the guy and this girls friend and he's the one kidnapping her. She looks passed out and he's carrying her up the street. No one stops him. The other girl and I follow him. We end up in a movie theatre and we go to the lobby where we see the two. She isn't passed out anymore. I try calling 911 about four times but no one picks up the phone. The girl I was with said she left something in the theatre and she goes back. I continue to follow the guy and I meet them in the lobby. The guy is mitch and the girl was conscious. He doesn't know I was following him or that I know he's kidnapped this girl. But she doesn't seem like she's in any distress. We go outside and I make playful talk with mitch to distract him. He tries to get rid of me but I won't leave.