Tim burton type dream

Date: 3/9/2017

By sharkey161

I was at school picking up garbage when some lady that was apparently my mom picked me up, but i was an orphan so i was confused. She brought me to this giant house and said this is where i am going to live now. The house we giant. She showed me everything, the kitchen where she made cookies and I suddenly became scared she was going to make me into a cookie. My mom had brunette hair and a really pretty face. She also had a whole room for doing her hair and makeup. It had a very coroline feel and i was nervous. There was this big yellow bug looking thing that j was scared of at first be then learned that he was pretty cool. It and my mom were like the last remaining crystal gems or something (Steven universe). Every color of gem meant something my mom was a red gem but chose to look more human the yellow bug, was yellow (ovi). They were on the run from the police and they showed up i distracted them and i think i killed them for my mom, but it didn't matter because i loved her. They invited over some other crystal gems or some random people, one of them were blue and i liked them. One random gem with a weird southern accent asked my mom if she was peeing. We all hung out and were happy, but then this black gem person, came to the house and wanted to take away my mom and the yellow beetle to re form the original crystal gems, even though they were dead. They agreed and my mom told me i will never see them again and that i would lived with the blue gem i mentioned earlier. I was extremely sad. Gems cannot feel emotion but even my mom was balling, and for the first time we hugged and it was great. She left and because the house was grounded between the giant Beattie and my mom it disappeared, it was the saddest thing ever. As i was about the leave i herd her voice and then i woke up, DUN DUN DAAAAA.