She Provoked A Sacrifice

Date: 2/16/2017

By Fileacethedragon

It was late at night (like11:00) my a blonde lady and I were sitting at the end of to of those white collapsible tables. At the other end was a police officer, he wasn't in a uniform but I knew that he was one. He had brown hair and was wearing a brown leather jacket. I think I knew him personally, like he was a family friend, also I knew that his name was James. He had three children that that were playing of to the side. There was a 12 year old girl, a 9 year old girl and, 6-7 year old boy. The police officer was accusing the women of murder. I kept my cool, countering his arguments and giving reasons why his evidence had to be false, the hole time the blonde lady just sat with a smug expression. To my left the kids were talking about wanting to play a game like settlers of Catan that involved red dice. James gave another argument and I counted it as best as I could. "Here Fileace," James slid a die across the table to be. I got the message and stood up, " don't think I don't you what your doing," I said coldly. I walked over to his kids, they weren't doing much, just sitting around and talking. The next thing I remember is all the kids and I were laying in a big huddle against a wall. I was completely dark. I pulled out my phone and was about to turn on the flash but the oldest girl told me it would be to dangerous. I kept my phone on but I turned the brightness all the way down. And sort of covered it up. To are left a door slowly opened; it was so dark that I couldn't see who had come out but I knew it was the lady and I was now positive that she was a murderer. I pretend like thought it was James. "Oh good it's you James," I said with mock relief "the women went into the room you just came out of," I was careful to give them a reason to leave without speaking and to not to let enough light shine that It was possible to be seen. We star in darkness for a while, the youngest children shaking with fear. The women came black in this time is was furious, yelling at us to tell her we're James was. None of us knew and she was about to hurt one of the little kids, "here I am," said James. The women dropped the child and took a step towards him. This was a creepy dream. I've noticed that most of the the time the "villain" in in my dreams is that blonde lady. I don't know any blonde woman so I'm not sure my brain chooses her.