I risk my life for my moms purse

Date: 8/15/2019

By ItsABlackCat

I had a dream where my family and I were at this weird, really big and fancy hotel. There was a large eating / partying area down near the front of the building, with huge windows on the front. Outside there were like replica pirate ships n stuff. Anyways there was this guy there, he had a competition on who could pick up the most chicks and I took him up on it. But before I could start doing anything everyone started leaving bc of an oncoming storm. My fam and I, and like this one other family stayed in the place, but it was storming hard outside. Crazy winds, rain, thunder, lightning, the whole deal. Then the winds got so strong that they picked up the faux boats outside and they started flying around and banging into the side of the building, shaking everything. A little girl started screaming and crying and her mom took her and evacuated her. My fam was like ‘maybe it’s time to go’ and started to leave too. Then I noticed my mom had left her purse under a table near the window where the boat was blowing around outside. I immediately (like on instinct or some shit) without even thinking ran back to get it. As soon as I dashed under the table the boat hit the window and blew inside and the window crashed open and glass came down like rain. I just hid under the table and then as soon as the boat came through I dashed through and ran, parkour / cinematic movie action scene style, dodging glass, to bring my purse to my mom. Idk why I went back but I think the thought going thru my mind at the moment was, ‘moms gonna kill me if I let her leave her purse,’ and ig I was more scared of my mom than the giant hurricane outside.